• Famous Nazis

    There were a lot of Nazis that lived in Germany and served under Hitler or followed his party during his reign. Take the time to get to know some of the most famous Nazis and their role in the Holocaust and the systematic murder of more than 11 million people in total over the course of 12 years.
    Famous Nazis
  • Hitler Propaganda

    When it came to influencing the public, Hitler was definitely good at getting people to notice him and believe what he was saying. The Nazi ideology was incremental in helping Hitler gain power and for making the policy changes that were made without being questioned by the general public.
    Hitler Propaganda
  • Nazi War Criminals

    There were thousands of people who were convicted of war crimes as a result of the Holocaust and World War II. Being a Nazi war criminal was not a good thing at all because the Allied powers were out to capture, try, and punish as many of them as possible.
    Nazi War Criminals
  • Nazi Leaders

    Throughout the Nazi reign over Germany, there were many prominent figures that made a name for themselves. While most people automatically think of Adolf Hitler, he had a lot of leaders and men working for him that are also quite famous for their involvement in the Holocaust, World War II, and the Nazi party takeover of Germany.
    Nazi Leaders
  • Nazi Doctors

    Nazi doctors were responsible for a lot of the death and illness in the concentration camps. Not only were they required to care for people who need their services, such as valuable laborers, but they were also allowed to do medical experiments and testing on Jews and other prisoners.
    Nazi Doctors