Famous Nazis

There were a lot of Nazis that lived in Germany and served under Hitler or followed his party during his reign. Take the time to get to know some of the most famous Nazis and their role in the Holocaust and the systematic murder of more than 11 million people in total over the course of 12 years.
Adolf Hitler: The leader of the Nazi Party and the Dictator of Germany once he took power, Hitler was the leading force behind all Nazi activity that resulted in the deaths of millions of Jews and other 'inferiors'. It was his smooth-talking ways and propaganda that convinced everyone that Jews were, in fact, the problem that Germany had to get rid of.
Hermann Goering: As Hitler's Reichsmarschall, Goering also founded the Gestapo and was a leader of the SS. He became addicted to morphine before Hitler took power, and was involved in planning much of the Holocaust. He was the highest-ranked official in the Nuremburg Trials and sentenced to death. He committed suicide the night before his hanging by ingesting cyanide.
Ilse and Otto Koch: Otto was an SS member, but his wife Ilse was known as the "bitch of Buchenwald" because she was so sadistic and cruel to prisoners. It is known that she would walk around naked and carry a whip, abusing the prisoners and having them shot instantly if they looked at her. She was arrested after the war and imprisoned until 1967, when she hung herself in the cell.
Dr. Paul Josef Goebbels: As the Reich Minister of Propaganda, this man was responsible for fueling the Nazi fire with his hate speech and propaganda regarding Jews and other inferiors. This man is responsible for the phrase 'total war' and was the second best orator (second only to Hitler himself, of course). He killed himself, his wife, and his 6 children in Berlin after the war.
Heinrich Himmler: This man is known as the architect of the Holocaust, and perhaps the largest mass murderer in history next to Stalin. It is said that the war wouldn't have happened if not for this man. Himmler was captured after the war, attempted negotiation unsuccessfully, and eventually committed suicide while in custody by ingesting cyanide.
Joseph Mengele: This man was a Nazi doctor that was known as the 'Angel of Death'. He was notorious for his experimentation on prisoners and their deaths, including one incident where he gassed more than 750 women in a hospital block because of a lice infestation.