• The Importance Of Hitler Documentaries

    Today, documentary films are among the most common and popular in the world. That's because documentaries capture a moment in time and present it in an entertaining way. However, a documentary about Hitler or the Holocaust can undoubtedly never be fully entertaining due to the heinous subject matter it focuses on. Still, it's vital to spend time on these films in order to ensure that the past isn't forgotten and never repeated.
    The Importance Of Hitler Documentaries
  • Did Adolf Hitler Have Kids?

    As far as anyone knows, Adolf Hitler did not have any biological children of his own. Throughout most of his adult life, it is not believed that he had any close relationships with women. On April 29, 1945, the second to last full day of his life, he married Eva Braun. Although they had known each other for a very long time, she did not become a permanent part of his life and regime until the middle of the 1930s.
    Did Adolf Hitler Have Kids?
  • The Importance Of Watching A Hitler Film

    Hitler remains one of the most well-known tyrants in history, and has been the subject of a huge number of books, fictional movies, and documentaries. As a result, he has become almost a kind of enigma. Many people only know him based on accounts of him in film, even if they vaguely understand what he stood for and what his goals were. As a result, reading up on him and watching a film on Hitler that focuses on facts and specifics is important.
    The Importance Of Watching A Hitler Film
  • Why Did Hitler Hate Jews And Want To Eliminate Them?

    If you were to ask 100 different individuals to answer the question “Why did Hitler hate Jews?” you would probably get one hundred different answers or variations thereof. The term “scapegoat” oftentimes comes to mind. By blaming the Jews for the economic crisis that Germany was suffering through as well as their defeat in World War I, Hitler targeted the Jews as the country’s main enemy. According to him, the Jewish people were directly responsible for Germany’s many problems.
    Why Did Hitler Hate Jews And Want To Eliminate Them?
  • The Siblings Of Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler’s father, Alois Hitler, had been married two other times before marrying Klara Hitler, Adolf’s mother. Alois and Klara had six children together, Adolf being the fourth. His two older brothers and one sister, Gustav, Otto, and Ida, all died in infancy. His four surviving siblings were an older half-brother and half-sister, Alois Jr. and Angela, and his younger brother and sister, Edmund and Paula.
    The Siblings Of Adolf Hitler