The Siblings Of Adolf Hitler

Did Hitler have siblingsAdolf Hitler’s father, Alois Hitler, had been married two other times before marrying Klara Hitler, Adolf’s mother. Alois and Klara had six children together, Adolf being the fourth. His two older brothers and one sister, Gustav, Otto, and Ida, all died in infancy. His four surviving siblings were an older half-brother and half-sister, Alois Jr. and Angela, and his younger brother and sister, Edmund and Paula. At the age of 11, Adolf’s younger brother, Edmund, was struck with measles and died on Feb. 2, 1900. Edmund’s death reportedly had a great effect on Hitler.
Into adulthood, after both of his parents had passed away, Adolf lost contact with all of his siblings for a time while he struggled to make himself known as a painter in Vienna. However, in 1919 Adolf re-established contact with Angela Hitler, the sibling he was most close to and the only one he made mention of in his famed Mein Kampf. Angela moved, along with her daughter, Geli, to Berchtesgaden to become a housekeeper for Adolf. It was heavily rumored that Adolf carried on a sexual affair with his young half-niece until her suicide.
Angela left Berchtesgaden because she disapproved of Adolf’s affair with Eva Braun and the two did not speak again until sometime during WWII, using Angela as a go between for Adolf and his other family members, with whom he sought no contact. Angela was left a stipend of 1,000 Reichsmark in Adolf’s will, though it is unknown if she ever received the money. Despite the charges against him, Angela maintained that she, nor her brother, ever knew about the concentration camps, declaring if he had known Hitler would have put an end to them.
His sister, Paula, his only full-sibling, did not speak with her brother until the 1930s, in Vienna. It is noted that when Paula lost employment once it was found out she was sister to Adolf Hitler, he had her change her last name to Wolf, a childhood nickname of Adolf. He provided Paula with support until his suicide in 1945. After the war, former SS members and those who had been part of Hitler’s inner circle of confidantes continued to provide Paula with support. She died without children.
Alois Hitler, Jr. was never known to have associated with Adolf much after he left the family as arguments with their father grew more violent and tensions with his step-mother, Klara, increased. It is noted in the memoirs of Alois’s wife’s memoirs that Adolf resided with them for a period of about one year between 1912 and 1913 while evading the Austria-Hungary draft. While he served time for theft early on, Alois went on to run a popular restaurant and watering hole all throughout the WWII. He was briefly arrested by the British at the end of the war, but released when it was proved he’d had no dealings with the brother who had become the biggest mass murderer of all time.

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