• The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich

    While documented in a book of the same name, the rise and fall of the Third Reich is on its own a fascinating and terrifying subject. The fact is that the mere fact that such a racially motivated, hate-filled government was able to come so close to overtaking Europe and to completely eradicating an entire race of people will forever be viewed as a terrible, horrifying display of what humanity is capable of.
    The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich
  • The Wide Range Of Nazi Crimes

    The Holocaust involved the systematic murder of over 6 million Jews, and millions of other people that fell into the 'undesirable' classification by the Nazis, including 'gypsies', blacks, homosexuals, and more. The specifics of each of their atrocities vary greatly, ranging from gassing to drowning. Beatings, property crimes, torture, experiments, and many other crimes were also carried out by the Nazis and justified as acceptable thanks to the national laws Hitler passed.
    The Wide Range Of Nazi Crimes
  • Understanding Albert Speer

    Known to history as 'The Nazi Who Said Sorry", Albert Speer is far from a simple man to understand. His overall level of involvement in the persecution of Jews throughout Europe and his overall knowledge of the Holocaust have been in dispute ever since the end of World War II. While he may be a complex man to comprehend, a closer look at him is still worth taking.
    Understanding Albert Speer
  • Rudolph Hoess

    Rudolf Hoess, also spelled Rudolph, remains one of the most notorious members of the Nazi party in history. He was the commandant of the notorious Auschwitz concentration camp, where he oversaw the systematic execution of a huge number of people.
    Rudolph Hoess
  • What Were The Nazis

    Few groups throughout history have become so hated as the Nazis. Today they may be frequently used as villains in films, comics, novels, and even video games, but the fact is that they were one of the most terrifying groups to ever exist and were responsible for the systematic extermination of millions of men, women and children throughout Europe.
    What Were The Nazis