• Who Was Franz Stangle?

    Franz Stangle, born in 1908, is probably best known for his euthanasia programs as a part of the Holocaust ‘cleansing’ solution. He worked with the SS in Austria during Operation Reinhard, and was eventually tried for murdering more than 900,000 people during his duty as a Nazi SS commandant. Stangle’s nickname was “The White Death”, perpetuating his part in the T4 Euthanasia programs that were taking place during the 1940s in Europe.
    Who Was Franz Stangle?
  • Who Was Dr. Joseph Goebbels?

    Born Paul Joseph Goebbels in 1897, the infamous Doctor was actually a PhD that graduated from Heidelberg University after writing his thesis on the subject of 19th century romantic drama. He was a writer for many years and it is likely his creative skills that made him such a powerful man behind the Nazi propaganda machine.
    Who Was Dr. Joseph Goebbels?
  • Reinhard Heydrich- "The Hangman"

    Reinhard Heydrich is a well-known Nazi official. He was one of the main men involved in the creation of the Holocaust and served as a General of the SS and the Security Office. He was also appointed to be president of Interpol in 1940, and was the chairman of the Wannsee Conference in 1942 that laid out the plans for the Final Solution to the Jewish Question.
    Reinhard Heydrich- "The Hangman"
  • Who Was Paul Blobel?

    Paul Blobel was a member of the SD and an SS-Standartenfuehrer under the Nazi rule of Germany. He was born in Potsdam and served in World War I as a German soldier. After the war, he became an architect. This lasted through 1931 when Blobel lost his job. At that point, he joined the Nazi Party and then the SS, becoming one of the men responsible for covering up the mass murders that were carried out by other Nazi leaders and SS men.
    Who Was Paul Blobel?
  • How Were Nazi War Criminals Executed?

    At the end of the Second World War, the Allied Powers had invaded Germany and removed Hitler from power. As they carried out the invasion and capture of various Nazi Party members, including the search for Hitler himself, the Fuhrer of the Third Reich committed suicide in his home with his wife. Many Nazi Party members followed suit. Others fled the country, seeking asylum or changing their identities to avoid capture.
    How Were Nazi War Criminals Executed?