• The Monster Known As Amon Goeth

    During the Holocaust, monsters in the skin of men reigned terror on entire populations of people. Of these monsters, few are as notorious as Amon Goeth. The overall terror that he inflicted during WWII was captured perfectly in the film Schindler's List, in which Ralph Fiennes portrayed the murderous Nazi.
    The Monster Known As Amon Goeth
  • A Look At Hitler Henchmen

    While Adolf Hitler is known as the leader of the Nazi party and a murderous madman who is responsible for the extermination of over six million Jews and millions of other people, he wasn't alone. In fact, Hitler's henchmen – his inner circle of fanatical and ruthless subordinates – were often just as evil as he was, and sometimes even more evil.
    A Look At Hitler Henchmen
  • What Is A Nazi?

    The Nazi Party is one of the most virulent and dangerous strains of fascism that arose in the wake of World War I. Fascism is a political belief and system that has many different components and no scholars have ever agreed on a precise definition. However, there are many individuals aspects to Nazism that anyone can recognize.
    What Is A Nazi?
  • Are There Still Nazis Today?

    Nazi Germany exported the villainous philosophy of Nazism to every corner of Europe during its attempt to purge the world of Jews, torturing and enslaving them. During this process, there were many local collaborators who acted out of fear to support the Nazis. However, very few people outside of Germany adopted the Nazi racial philosophy. When Nazism was expunged from Germany, its grip on the world loosened a great deal.
    Are There Still Nazis Today?
  • How Did Hitler’s Wife Die

    Hitler was only married for about a day of his life, although he was acquainted with his future wife, Eva Braun, throughout much of his reign. Of all of the people who surrounded Hitler, Eva Braun is one of the ones about whom we have very little knowledge.
    How Did Hitler’s Wife Die