A Look At Hitler Henchmen

Hitler HenchmenWhile Adolf Hitler is known as the leader of the Nazi party and a murderous madman who is responsible for the extermination of over six million Jews and millions of other people, he wasn't alone. In fact, Hitler's henchmen – his inner circle of fanatical and ruthless subordinates – were often just as evil as he was, and sometimes even more evil.
Essentially, any Nazi and in particular the SS and Gestapo could be considered to be Hitler's henchmen. But while these murderous are indeed deserving of being considered pure evil, there are also many who were much closer to the Fuhrer who played a much larger role in the evil of the Nazis. Some of these included:
·         Heinrich Himmler – Himmler is undoubtedly one of the most evil men in the world. He was head of the SS and in charge of the Eastern death camps. Himmler essentially laid the plans out for the death camps and planned out the methods used by the Nazis. He fled Berlin but was eventually captured, after which he committed suicide.
·         Josef Mengele – Mengele was a doctor at Auschwitz during which he experiment on children, tortured them, and did many other horrible things that would make normal humans cringe. Mengele fled to South America, and died in Brazil of a stroke.
·         Albert Speer – Speer was Hitler's chief architect and also one of Hitler's closest friends. He designed many of Germany's structures and also oversaw the production of armaments during the war. He was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment after the war and died in Britain as an old man.
·         Rudolf Hoess – Hoess is known as the largest mass murderer in history, and was the architect and commander of Auschwitz. Responsible for the extermination of around 2.5 million people throughout the course of the holocaust, Hoess calmly explained his process during his war crimes trial. He was executed by hanging on the grounds of Auschwitz.
Hitler's henchmen were men who lived normal family lives, often with wives and children, despite the atrocities they took part in each and every day. These men are only slightly less well known that Hitler himself, and in many cases were more directly involved in the extermination that Hitler set into motion. Each of them has become known for the horrors they took part in, and it is important to remember their actions no matter how painful those memories may be. Otherwise, history could repeat itself.
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