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    Throughout World War II, the Nazi army spread terror in Europe. From crowded Ghettos to roaming death squads to the infamous concentration camps and extermination camps that dotted the European landscape, the Nazis systematically murdered millions of men, women, and children.
    Holocaust Survivor Donations
  • The Importance Of Holocaust Heroes Documentaries

    The Holocaust is a word that conjures up images of horror, and rightly so. The atrocities committed by the Nazis were so unspeakable that it's often hard to think of anything else in the context of the Holocaust. However, despite all of the different tales of madness and horror, the holocaust is also filled with stories of heroes. Some of them are more famous than others, and some met much more tragic ends than others, but in all cases hearing their stories can help inspire a sense of hope.
    The Importance Of Holocaust Heroes Documentaries
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    There are no reparations, no donations, no retributions that can make up for the horrors committed during the holocaust. It has been said that the best way to honor the both the victims and survivors of that darkest time in human history is to make sure it never happens again. The only way to make sure that no human ever gets the chance to do so again is to make sure that the world never forgets the toll that such evil takes.
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  • Holocaust Survivor Documentaries

    There are more stories from the Holocaust than we are likely to ever hear. The sheer number of people who were murdered or who suffered during the Holocaust makes it impossible to capture every story, and those who died can only be remembered for what is known about them up to their death. That's why hearing the stories of Holocaust survivors is so important.
    Holocaust Survivor Documentaries
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    In the span of a dozen years, six millions people became victims of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Regime. Under his charge, Hitler’s men carried out atrocities that to this day are hard to view in photograph or film. Evidence showing piles of dead bodies in graves and crematoriums and human beings so malnourished and abused that they were no more than walking skeletons, unforgettable images of people standing at the edge of mass graves, blindfolded, with a gun at their head, seconds away from death.
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