Holocaust Survivor Documentaries

Holocaust Survivor DocumentariesThere are more stories from the Holocaust than we are likely to ever hear. The sheer number of people who were murdered or who suffered during the Holocaust makes it impossible to capture every story, and those who died can only be remembered for what is known about them up to their death. That's why hearing the stories of Holocaust survivors is so important. No matter what is written in history books, hearing firsthand accounts of what happened by those who lived through it is the most accurate way to understand the terror inflicted on them and also the best way to give survivors the kind of respect they deserve.
Of course, the number of Holocaust survivors still alive is dwindling as time goes by. Many people don't personally know a survivor, and as a result it's important to take advantage of the various Holocaust survivor documentaries that have been produced over the years. These documentaries regularly feature interviews with survivors, a closer look at what they went through, and more.
Documentaries combine the stories from survivors with images from the Holocaust to help try to give a better idea of what life in ghettos or concentration camps was really like. It's almost impossible for us today to fathom the kind of atrocities experienced during this period of time, but good Holocaust survivor documentaries give us the chance to see it through their eyes, in a manner of speaking.
Along with the chance to get a greater insight into the Holocaust, these documentaries capture on film the memories and life of those who went through terrible events and came out the other side alive. In a way, they help to honor the survivor and even help honor those who died at the hands of the Nazis.
Survivors each tell a different story, all laced with the horror that the Nazis instilled throughout Europe. From tales of hiding in Ghettos to stories of witnessing their families murdered in mass shootings to tales of suffering and survival in concentration camps, each story is worth hearing and each one unveils one more layer of what happened to the Jewish people during this terrible atrocity.
There are numerous Holocaust survivor documentaries available today, some on DVD, some aired on various television channels, and some available for viewing on the internet. No matter the documentary or the method with which you watch it, each of these films is well worth spending time with.

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