About the director

Chanoch Ze'evi is a director and producer of documentary films for the television and documentary film industries. In fifteen years of filmmaking, Mr. Ze'evi has addressed issues of conflict, reconciliation, and the social and political circumstances that define identity. His films are intended to forge paths and build bridges between opposing groups and cultures. (Read more…)
Mr. Ze'evi is founder and owner of “Maya Productions,” an Israeli production company that specializes in documentary films for local and foreign audiences.  Many of the company’s projects have been collaborative efforts with television stations in Israel, the United States, and Europe.
A sampling of his projects includes:
The Disappearance of Martin Bormann (1998)The story of Hitler’s deputy Martin Bormann and his mysterious disappearance at the end of the war. (Director)
Revenge (1999) – The exhilarating history of the British Army’s Jewish Brigade and their hunt for Nazis after World War II.  (Executive Producer)
On the Frontline (2001) – The story of a class of Israeli students before they are drafted into the army. Set against the backdrop of the al-Aqsa Intifada, the students are a microcosm of Israeli society preparing to face the country’s latest challenge. (Director/Producer)
Holocaust: The Next Generation (2003)A documentary film exploring the attitudes of third-generation descendants of Holocaust survivors toward the “methods of remembrance” used by Israel. Produced for Channel 8, Israel. (Director)
Nadia’s Friends (2006)Once a student in an open-minded, multicultural elementary school, director Chanoch Ze’evi sets off in search of his old classmates. One of them is Nadia, a Muslim girl, who has since become a traditional Arab woman. Along the way, he attempts to understand the extremist shift and resulting loss of tolerance in the Zionist movement over the past thirty years. (Director/Producer)
Tolerance Prize, The Berlin Jewish Film Festival 2006.
Honorable Mention, Jerusalem Film Festival 2006.