Donate to Holocaust Survivors

Donate To Holocaust SurvivorsThe Holocaust: For Those Who Died, For Those Who Survived, Donations Help In Many Ways

In the span of a dozen years, six millions people became victims of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Regime. Under his charge, Hitler’s men carried out atrocities that to this day are hard to view in photograph or film. Evidence showing piles of dead bodies in graves and crematoriums and human beings so malnourished and abused that they were no more than walking skeletons, unforgettable images of people standing at the edge of mass graves, blindfolded, with a gun at their head, seconds away from death.
Many of those who were lucky enough to survive the Holocaust had lost everything, stripped of their possessions, money, family heirlooms, and anything else that was important to them. Victims were unable to return home. Donations made to those who are still living often go towards helping them tell their stories via travel and writing, documentary making, and more. These donations have also been responsible for the building of monuments and memorials all around the world, as well as other projects that relate directly back to that dark period of history.
There are many ways to give through donation, including by visiting museums that were fully funded through generous donations, seeing and purchasing DVD documentaries that enable direct donations with purchase, movies, books, and more. In recent times, people are once more raising questions and putting a cloud of doubt over the Holocaust. To continue to shine light on the truth of those twelve years and to ensure that the millions of people who suffered at the hands of Adolf Hitler and his officers it is vastly important to continue to support every effort to keep these harsh and often painful historical facts well-documented and available to the public.
While it is hard to read and watch the detailed facts of the Holocaust, it remains imperative that new generations are made aware of those twelve years of history. It remains imperative to document all of the camps and Nazi ghettos that held prisoners, which thanks to work completed by workers at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum has been found to number as high as 42,500, and not just the few that remain symbolic.
To donate not only honors those who died and those who survived, it also perpetuates the reminders in text and film that unless we, as a world collective, put the effort into our own personal due diligence, evil can, and always will, continue to repeat itself. Education is the key and that is why donation to survivors, museums, and memorial funds are necessary to carry on the message, a message of acknowledgement.

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