Holocaust Survivor Donations

Holocaust Survivor DonationsThroughout World War II, the Nazi army spread terror in Europe. From crowded Ghettos to roaming death squads to the infamous concentration camps and extermination camps that dotted the European landscape, the Nazis systematically murdered millions of men, women, and children. Many of these were Jews, but the Romani as well as homosexuals, the disabled, the mentally handicapped, blacks, and POWs were all executed, and today's estimates frequently reach 10 to 11 million civilians and POWs who died at the hands of the Nazis.
Of course, despite the magnitude of these atrocities, there were also numerous survivors. Some managed to make it out of Nazi occupied territories and escape the brunt of the Holocaust while others lived through Ghettos and death camps, often losing most of their family in the process.
And while their lives were spared, the fact is that during the Holocaust the Nazis essentially stripped Jews of their identities, destroying their paperwork and basically erasing them from existence. With no papers and no family, carrying on after the end of the Holocaust was difficult for most. Over time, most have managed to make lives for themselves. However, help is always needed.

Today, Holocaust survivors are elderly and often in need of financial aid. Numerous organizations exist that allow those who want to make Holocaust survivor donations to do so with ease. The different organizations are set up in different ways, but in many cases every dollar donated will go directly to the hands of an elderly holocaust survivor, who can use it to buy food, medicine, or pay their electricity bills. While they've known hardships and suffering in their lives, that shouldn't mean that they have to struggle in their later years and these survivors deserve to enjoy their golden years.
Making Holocaust survivor donations that don't go directly to the survivors often means that the funds goes to organizations that set up outreach programs and other similar programs that help survivors. Having lost so much, these men and women likely never ask for help but still need it. The groups set up to help them are always in need of funds, and it's very common for donations to be made on a regular basis.
If you want to make Holocaust survivor donations there are numerous groups that accept funds by check or over the internet. While the Holocaust is over, it's still possible to make a difference in the lives of the survivors. 

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