The Importance Of Holocaust Heroes Documentaries

Holocaust Heroes Documentaries The Holocaust is a word that conjures up images of horror, and rightly so. The atrocities committed by the Nazis were so unspeakable that it's often hard to think of anything else in the context of the Holocaust. However, despite all of the different tales of madness and horror, the holocaust is also filled with stories of heroes. Some of them are more famous than others, and some met much more tragic ends than others, but in all cases hearing their stories can help inspire a sense of hope. That good and heroism was born from such a dark period is only proof that the human spirit can persevere.
Holocaust heroes documentaries focus on these good points, and while they're well worth watching the fact is that documentaries focusing on the negative are far more common. Still, there are plenty of stories out there worth learning about.
Famous heroes have had movies made of them, such as Oskar Schindler – the man who spent a small fortune to save a group of Jews safe. Others, like Julian Bilecki, are less well-known but no less important. Bilecki was only a teen when he helped his family hide 23 Jews in an underground bunker. Each country in Europe had its fair share of heroes, and to those they helped each one is worth remembering.
There were many methods used by these holocaust heroes. Some helped hide Jews from the Nazi death squads. Some helped smuggle Jewish children across the borders of their home country and into safer areas. Some forged false papers to hide their true ancestry. Even the Nazi death camps had heroes – people who volunteered to die in place of others, for example, or those who helped provide morale to those imprisoned within the camps.
In each instance, these heroes shared a value of human life and knew that what they were doing would place their own life at risk. Still, they carried on with what they knew to be right and in most cases ended up saving the lives of others.
Today, finding good holocaust heroes documentaries is important for parents as well as teachers or just those looking to uncover some of the more uplifting stories of the holocaust. This was an incredibly traumatic time for millions, and while there is no way to gloss over the horror inflicted during it, focusing on some of the good can help teach us more about the nature of man.

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