• Heinrich Himmler Quotes From A Leading SS War Criminal

    Among the top Nazis who supported Hitler and his racist ideology, few of them were more radical than Heinrich Himmler. Himmler rose to become the leader of the SS, known as the “Order of the Death’s Head” for the skull-shaped pins worn in their caps and elsewhere in their regalia. The SS was a secretive and elite group of Nazi commandos and agents who were part of many of the most horrendous war crimes and atrocities throughout Europe.
    Heinrich Himmler Quotes From A Leading SS War Criminal
  • Nazi Goals – The Hatred Of A Tyrant

    Say the word Nazi and you'll immediately elicit a strong response from anyone. The Nazi party had multiple goals, and taking a closer look at them is important for making sure that a group like them never rises to power again.
    Nazi Goals – The Hatred Of A Tyrant
  • Nazi War Criminal

    Their Varied Fates - As World War II wound to a close, the Allied forces were left with the challenge of capturing, detaining, and punishing the Nazi war criminal they knew of. Hitler and most of his top officials had committed suicide, but those who had been in charge of running the death camps, of massacring millions, other high-ranking officers were still guilty of some of the greatest atrocities ever committed.
    Nazi War Criminal
  • Who Was Josep Kramer?

    Josep Kramer, also known as Josef Kramer, was the Commandant of Bergen-Belsen, one of the many concentration camps in Nazi Germany. He was notorious as a Nazi war criminal and earned the nickname "Beast of Belden" from prisoners. He was arrested after World War II and convicted of war crimes, for which he was hanged. He was one of the youngest Nazi leaders that is notorious for his role in the Holocaust.
    Who Was Josep Kramer?
  • Ilse Koch

    Ilse Koch, the wife of Karl Koch, a known SS and Nazi Leader, is one of the few women who has her own reputation regarding the events that took place and her involvement in the Holocaust. Known to many as "The Bitch of Buchenwald", Ilse was originally born in 1906 and worked at another concentration camp prior to meeting and marrying Karl in 1937. At this point, she followed Karl wherever he went, including his appointment to Buchenwald at Commandant.
    Ilse Koch