Nazi Goals – The Hatred Of A Tyrant

Say the word Nazi and you'll immediately elicit a strong response from anyone. The Nazi party had multiple goals, and taking a closer look at them is important for making sure that a group like them never rises to power again.
At its non-racial, original point of formation, the party was created to draw the working class into nationalism and away from communism. It's often been compared to extreme-right policies, and has a very strong tie with racial superiority, which forms the basis of its more terrifying beliefs.
Essentially, when one discusses the overall Nazi goals, they're mainly referring to the racially motivated goals behind their actions. In essence, they believed that the Aryan race was the only pure, tolerable race in the world. They also blamed the Jewish race for all of the problems facing Germany and the world in generally. Due to the strife that Germany had been in following WWI, it was easy to introduce a scapegoat and begin developing their plans for dealing with what they referred to as the "Jew Problem".
The Nazi's ultimate goals were the complete and total eradication of the Jewish population along with the elimination of other undesirables including blacks, gays, Romani gypsies, and more. By eliminating these 'undesirables', the party believed that they could allow their pure Aryan bloodline to spread and lead the nation to glory.
To accomplish these goals, the Nazis began to implement their 'Final Solution'. Through death camps and other means, the Nazis began to conduct genocide on an unparalleled scale. More than six million people died at the hands of Hitler and his party, many of them in gas chambers. Others were hung, shot in firing squads, starved to death, worked to death in concentration camps, or killed through various medical experiments that were as terrifying as anything in a horror movie today.
Thanks to the combined effort of the Allied forces during the war, Hitler's army was defeated, the Fuhrer killed himself while hiding underneath Berlin, and his evil was stopped. The Nazis eventually failed to reach their goal of total racial superiority, but not before murdering millions of men, women, and children based on misguided beliefs, unbridled hatred, and pure evil. Frighteningly, today there are many who insist that the Holocaust never occurred. These Holocaust deniers are causing the rise of neo-Nazism and cultivating a new breed of monsters which many groups are trying to prevent.