• Nazi – The Politics of Nazi Germany

    Nazi Germany was known as the Third Reich. Under Adolf Hitler, the country operated as a totalitarian state ruled by the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or NSDAP. Though Nazi Germany is most commonly associated with the Holocaust, it also had many accomplishments.
    Nazi – The Politics of Nazi Germany
  • War Crimes

    During the Holocaust, there were a number of war crimes happening on a regular basis. These were not held accountable until near the end of World War II, when this was the biggest conflict the world had ever known. It wasn't just about the punishment for Holocaust-related crimes, but for all crimes against humanity, crimes that violated the terms of war, and conspiracy to commit the crimes in the first place.
    War Crimes
  • Himmler Quotes

    Heinrich Himmler was a Nazi leader and one of the most sought-after war criminals in World War II. As a leading man in Hitler's Nazi Party, Himmler is believed to be the man for whom the entire Holocaust even existed.
    Himmler Quotes
  • Nazi History

    The Nazi party got its start in 1920, but the beginnings of its ideologies date back much further. From as early as 1834, the phrase 'national socialism' has been put in print and used throughout Europe. In 1898, Stein in Eger organized the German Workers Congress, which would become the German Workers' Party and then the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party) by 1920.
    Nazi History
  • The Nazis

    The Nazis were the force behind World War II and the Holocaust, as they are known historically. This culture started with a foundation in fascist and anti-Semitist ideals with a belief that national socialism and a totalitarian state were necessary for the success of the Master Race.
    The Nazis