The Wide Range Of Nazi Crimes

Nazi CrimesThe Holocaust involved the systematic murder of over 6 million Jews, and millions of other people that fell into the 'undesirable' classification by the Nazis, including 'gypsies', blacks, homosexuals, and more. The specifics of each of their atrocities vary greatly, ranging from gassing to drowning. Beatings, property crimes, torture, experiments, and many other crimes were also carried out by the Nazis and justified as acceptable thanks to the national laws Hitler passed. As a result, many legal concepts actually simply refer to them as 'Nazi Crimes'.

The term Nazi crime isn't actually in place everywhere. In some areas, it was introduced as almost a necessity. In particular, Polish law contains a clause pertaining to Nazi crimes. Essentially, these crimes are defined as any action carried out, inspired, or tolerated by the public functionaries of the Third Reich. It is also classified as a crime against humanity.
The list of crimes that the Nazis were guilty of is so vast that listing it here would be difficult. In most cases, virtually any atrocity that one's mind could conjure was likely visited upon the victims of the Nazis at one time or another. Women's genitals were mutilated, sex crimes were committed, and often to save bullets children were simply thrown into pits of fire and literally burned alive.
Some historians actually break down Nazi crimes depending on who was the victim. For instance, Nazi crimes could have been committed against Jews, Russians, Poland, and so on. Specific groups as well as specific nationalities weren't exempt from the Nazi's horrors.
Following the end of the war the full extent of the Holocaust became apparent. During this time, Nazi party members were arrested and put on trial for their crimes. Many received prison sentences, but many of the main perpetrators of the atrocities committed by the Nazis were executed, including most major Nazi party members who didn't commit suicide prior to capture.
Some Nazis fled the country after the war or as it drew to a close, hiding in areas like South America, other areas of Europe, and even America. Over the years, a group of "Nazi Hunters" continued to pursue these surviving Nazis in an effort to deliver the justice to them that they deserved. Some escaped capture completely, while others were discovered and deported to stand trial. Today, the advanced age of the surviving war criminals means that very few are left. However, there's no way to deny the horror of their crimes.

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Photo credit: Elvert Barnes / / CC BY