The Importance Of Hitler Documentaries

Hitler DocumentariesToday, documentary films are among the most common and popular in the world. That's because documentaries capture a moment in time and present it in an entertaining way. However, a documentary about Hitler or the Holocaust can undoubtedly never be fully entertaining due to the heinous subject matter it focuses on. Still, it's vital to spend time on these films in order to ensure that the past isn't forgotten and never repeated.
Hitler is also one of the most popular subjects for documentaries due to the intense terror that his reign over Europe created. Understanding the man and his motives may never be possible, simply because evil isn't fully understandable. However, it is possible to take a closer look at what he did, to assess why he did it, and to see what kind of impact his actions had on history.
Most Hitler documentaries focus on things like Hitler's rise to power or the atrocities he committed. Others spend time looking at his motivations, while others examine things like his supposed obsession with the occult or even his sexuality. But these are all subjects that have been studied at length, and today other documentaries look at different aspects of his life.
One such documentary is Hitler's Children. While not about Hitler specifically, this documentary takes a close look at the legacy that the man and his inner circle left behind. However, instead of looking at the damage the Nazis did to the Jewish people, Hitler's Children examines the burden of living with a name shared by the most heinous of Nazi officers. Descendants of men like Goering, Himmler, and Hoess have to carry the burden of guilt of what their fathers, grandfathers, or uncles did. It's another side of the Holocaust and its far reaching effects, and studies a side of the issue that most documentaries don't look at.
Those looking to understand the past will help ensure that it isn't repeated, and by taking the time to watch documentaries about Hitler, the Holocaust, and WWII it is possible to help prevent future genocide from occurring. There's no way to escape from the past, and what happened is absolutely unforgivable, but for many these films are the best way to fully understand just what happened in the life of Hitler, the Nazi party, and more. They're powerful films that could shock, terrify, and even – in some ways, and done properly – inspire. 

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Photo credit: Recuerdos de Pandora / Foter / CC BY-SA