• About Hitler – The Life of Adolf Hitler

    Though the picture of Adolf Hitler as a cruel dictator and leader of the Nazi party is well known, not many people realize how different he was a young boy. Growing up, Hitler had a great interest in the arts which led to many arguments between Adolf and his father. After his father's death in 1903, Hitler moved to Vienna.
    About Hitler – The Life of Adolf Hitler
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    Adolf Hitler, German dictator and Nazi party leader, is the subject of many videos and documentaries. This man and his rise to power are a popular subject in world history, and especially among those who want to learn more about the Holocaust or the Second World War.
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    Most of the pictures that people have seen of Adolf Hitler have been official press photos, either from events or staged photo shoots, so as to ensure that he looks as professional and credible as a leader as possible. There are so many photos of Hitler out in the world, and that started as soon as he sought political power.
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    Adolf Hitler was once an aspiring artist and even a decorated veteran after World War I. However, he quickly rose to power in Nazi Germany and became a monster, a man who many people revere as among history's most despicable men of all time.
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  • Information about Hitler

    Adolf Hitler was born in Austria, but very quickly developed a taste for German nationalism during his younger years. He didn't share his father's interest in business, which put them at odds with each other in most situations. Hitler preferred the fine arts, and wanted to study at art school
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