Hitler Pictures

Most of the pictures that people have seen of Adolf Hitler have been official press photos, either from events or staged photo shoots, so as to ensure that he looks as professional and credible as a leader as possible. There are so many photos of Hitler out in the world, and that started as soon as he sought political power. He knew that he had to be a public figure and get the people's attention, which is why he put his face out there through public events and photo opportunities. He wanted to be an agreeable leader and get people to like him, which is why he felt pictures were so necessary.
At the same time that Hitler wanted pictures circulated, he didn't want them to be too personal or private. He preferred to keep things professional, showcasing only his clean, freshly pressed uniform and his perfectly groomed hair and mustache. This allowed him to show people that he was a likeable, respectable leader that they could depend on. Plus, photographs and videos were part of his propaganda plan. This plan helped him build a strong following and convince people that there really was a war worth fighting against the Jews and other inferiors.
Hitler's Nazi beliefs date back to his early days, after serving in World War I. He was growing fond of the idea of a totalitarian government with his growing interest in Nazi ideology. He felt betrayed by Germany when they surrendered to end the war, and he wanted to do something about it. As his interest in politics grew, so did his knowledge of how to reach out to people. Part of his campaign to make himself appear to be a trusting, respectable leader was photography. He knew that if people saw a typical man, a strong man, then they would be able to relate and that would increase his chances of success.
Everyone has seen pictures of Hitler. After the war, of course, more personal and private pictures began to surface. Photos from his own personal photographers' collections were made public, as were photographs of his bunker after his death. Of course, many weren't published but simply put into galleries or displays because at the time they were deemed too graphic for the public. Today, you can see many different pictures of Adolf Hitler and his life, including personal photos, political photos, and more. The internet has a wealth of photography and there are galleries around the world that showcase it, as well.