Hitler Video

Adolf Hitler, German dictator and Nazi party leader, is the subject of many videos and documentaries. This man and his rise to power are a popular subject in world history, and especially among those who want to learn more about the Holocaust or the Second World War. Since Hitler is held responsible for the former and the start of the latter, movies about him have been in production since shortly after the war ended in 1945. Some movies showcase his leadership, while others focus on the Nazi party. Still more look at his personal life, because that’s what a lot of people are actually curious about.
Hitler movies come in all shapes and sizes, and are designed to give people the insight that they need. World War II was a serious event and resulted in the genocide of more than 6 million Jews, which was completely unnecessary. Somehow, one man managed to build a following so that he could rise to power and convince a general society to let him lead them down this road. His use of propaganda and other resources was quite amazing, as it showed people that everything about the Holocaust was necessary and that they needed to be concerned and involved.
It's amazing what type of footage you can find in Hitler videos and films. From documentaries that discuss his private life, including his longtime affair with Eva Braun, to narratives that utilize the facts of the Holocaust to set the stage for a dramatic event or tragedy, there is something that every filmmaker wants to say about this time in history and this man, in particular. As time has passed and more facts have been gathered about this event and the man behind it, Hitler films have increased in popularity. A lot of films today focus on survivors and children of the Holocaust, including the descendants of popular Nazi leaders and their difficult lives.
Living as a remnant of the Nazi party can be hard for a lot of people. Even having the association of the same last name as one of these men can be difficult, let alone carrying some level of responsibility for what they did during World War II. Some, like Edda Goering, claimed her father could have never done such things. Others, such as Goering's great-niece, go straight to sterilization once they learn who their ancestors are because they don't want to carry on the genes 'of a monster', as she claims. Films that talk about all of these things are out there.