Movies about Hitler

Adolf Hitler was once an aspiring artist and even a decorated veteran after World War I. However, he quickly rose to power in Nazi Germany and became a monster, a man who many people revere as among history's most despicable men of all time. There are many movies about Hitler that have surfaced since the end of World War II, giving people the chance to see this man in different lights. There are narratives and documentaries, although the latter are far more popular. People who take the time to explore their options will always find something that they can appreciate.
Movies about Hitler include so many different titles that creating one database of all of them would be nearly impossible, or at least take a significant amount of time and effort. Some of the more popular movies of World War II have been listed and categorized, as they have been in production since the 1940s. There are award-winning films as well as independent films that few people have heard of, among others. With so many different selections, people stand to learn a lot about the man behind the Nazis and their reign over Germany.
Of course, not all of the movies about Hitler are true and factual. Some are fictional films, of course. Others are just plain propaganda or documentaries created by Neo-Nazis and other supporters who view Hitler as more of a martyr than a monster. Countries around the world have been producing movies about this man, his life, and his reign of terror for decades, providing a variety of levels of insight into the man that Hitler was and how he managed to pull off such an event like the Holocaust.
Hitler is held solely responsible for World War II's start in Europe, which was incited by his invasion of Poland. He is also held accountable for the genocide of more than 11 million people, including 2/3 of the Jewish population in Europe at the time. He committed suicide before he could ever be punished for his crimes, but plenty of Nazi leaders and party members involved did get punished to life in prison or death for helping Hitler carry out his plan. As terrible as he is, Adolf Hitler is also an interesting man, which is likely why so many films have been made about the former dictator. There are even movies about his private life and who he was outside of his role as dictator, for those who want to see the person, not the political figure.