Information about Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria, but very quickly developed a taste for German nationalism during his younger years. He didn't share his father's interest in business, which put them at odds with each other in most situations. Hitler preferred the fine arts, and wanted to study at art school. Dropping out of school at 16 kept him from realizing that dream, however, and he instead moved to Germany and joined the army during World War I. When the country ended up surrendering to end the war, Hitler saw it as a betrayal to the country by its leaders, which he vowed to change.
Adolf Hitler joined the German Workers Party, where he quickly rose to a position of power and renamed the group the National Socialist German Workers Party, or Nazi Party. He then attempted to build a following and preach his ideals to everyone, starting with the ideas that he had adopted from the group itself. These were all anti-Semitic and nationalist in nature, and were focused on eradicating the 'inferior' people who were responsible for Germany being a 'weak' country in the eyes of the Nazis. Hitler was an established, graceful public speaker that created the negative connotation that the term 'propaganda' has today. He used fake information and made up stories to get his followers to band together against the Jews and see them as a 'question' that needed answered.
In 1933, Hitler finally rose to power. This is when he started systematically implementing laws that would discriminate against Jews and other inferiors, based on race, creed, sexual orientation, class status, and more. These laws eventually pushed people out of their homes, forced them to live in squalor in ghettos, forced them into labor, and finally, to concentration camps where they were held against their will, and killed by the thousands on a regular basis.
Hitler was removed from power in 1945 when the Allies finally invaded Germany and took back control. He committed suicide in April of that year. You can find a lot of useful information about Adolf Hitler and learn more about his rule all over the internet. There are more articles here that you can explore, and you can check out resources like the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and others. Adolf Hitler was an evil man whose rise to power caused one of the largest cases of genocide in history, and he will likely be forever remembered for his actions.