Hitler Film

The name Adolf Hitler makes just about anyone stop in their tracks. They immediately get cold thinking of the senseless violence that this man inflicted on Germany, and on the world, in his rise to power and rule over Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler didn't start out as a cold-blooded killer, and he certainly could have done many other things with his life. He had wanted to attend art school in his youth, considered becoming a monk, and was a decorated veteran of World War I. However, the influence of a German nationalist teacher built up his loyalty to Germany.

As an Austrian-born citizen, Adolf Hitler grew to idolize Germany and see it as a powerful force. He eluded the Austrian army and yet volunteered to serve in Germany's army once he moved to Munich. He was proud of his service, and felt deeply betrayed when the country surrendered. Many think it is this feeling of being back-stabbed that caused Hitler to develop a desire to lead the country his way and make it everything he believed it to be. Along the way, he discovered Nazism, which was founded on anti-Semitic and fascist ideologies. He built up the Nazi party on his rise to power and then turned Germany into a Nazi state once he was in power.
Movies about Hitler teach people all about the man behind the genocide of more than 6 million Jews and over 11 million people in total. There are Hitler films based in reality, as well as fictional accounts that utilize the facts of the Holocaust to set the stage for their plot. Many people seek out these films because they want to learn more about Hitler himself and try to understand the rise to power, as well as how one man single-handedly convinced millions that such an event was even necessary.
Hitler movies have been in production since the 1940s, with more recent films having more details and better accuracy because of ongoing historical discoveries regarding the Holocaust and the man himself. However, just about every movie ever made regarding Adolf Hitler and his role in the Holocaust has some value to it because it helps explore the world of Nazi ideology, Hitler's life, and his ability to create a political following unlike any other leader in his time. For many years, he was untouchable. Today, he lives on in films, books, and movies of all kinds, a somber reminder that one man really can make a difference.