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    Adolf Hitler wasn't always a power-hungry dictator. In fact, he actually grew up with the desire to become an artist or architect. Born in Austria, Hitler was the 4th of 6 children. He was constantly clashing with his father and demanding increasing attention, and when his father died in 1903, he became quite a 'mama's boy' as his mother wanted to do everything she could to make the boy happy.
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    Adolf Hitler, the man behind the Holocaust and the center of the start of the Second World War, is no longer remembered as the decorated war veteran that he was before coming into power. Today, he is remembered as a murderer, a terrorist, and a black mark on world history.
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    Adolf Hitler wasn't always a malicious dictator with a taste for power. In his youth, he was a very artistic young man who wanted nothing more than to attend art school. He did have dabbling in German nationalism, even though he was born in Austria, but those didn't come out until much later. He attempted to attend art school but since he had dropped out of his schooling at age 16 he didn’t have the certificate needed to get into a college program.
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    Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889. His parents were Austrian-born and his father was 51 at the time of his birth. He had four siblings that died in childhood and only one that survived with him. As a young child, Adolf did well in school and appeared to be on a track to success as an educated person in the early 1900s.
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    There's a lot to learn about Adolf Hitler when you are exploring the Holocaust and World War II era. This man was not always the fascist dictator that he became, and getting the facts can help you learn more about his life. Known as the leader of the Nazis and the cause of World War II along with the genocide of more than 11 million people, Hitler started out as a simple child with simple interests. Here are some facts to know:
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