Nazi Doctors

Nazi doctors were responsible for a lot of the death and illness in the concentration camps. Not only were they required to care for people who need their services, such as valuable laborers, but they were also allowed to do medical experiments and testing on Jews and other prisoners. There were so many thousands of doctors, including those who were tried in the Doctor's Trial after the end of World War II. Some of the most notable doctors under the Nazi regime included:
Dr. Josef Mengele: Auschwitz was all about industrialized extermination. His job was to provide people for the gas chambers, and he was allowed to perform medical experiments of his own free will. Mengele once solved a lice problem by putting all 750 women in the infected area into the gas chambers, for which he was rewarded by his superiors. One experiment he performed used twins as young as 5, where he conducted his experiment, dissected their bodies, and murdered them.
Dr. Carl Clauberg: This doctor is known for his experimentation. He would inject chemical substances into women to sterilize them, but these injections would often cause bleeding, pain, inflammation, and more. He also exposed a lot of men and women to x-ray machines pointed at their sexual organs, which caused severe radiation burns. If they didn't die as a result, they were sent to the gas chambers because they were deemed useless.
Dr. Herta Oberheuser: This doctor was responsible for killing children with evipan and oil injections. It took 3-5 minutes for the children to die, during which they were fully conscious until the end. She then removed their organs and limbs. She created some painful experiments that were actually designed specifically for torture purposes.
Dr. Karl Brandt: This man was Hitler's personal doctor. He was also the highest health authority in the Reich. He was allowed to make medical decisions and issue rules to medical organizations. He also took part in the Euthanasia program, which involved systematically killing the ill, insane, the old and deformed children by injections or gas in hospitals, nursing homes, and asylums.
The Nuremburg Medical Trial began in 1946, where 23 doctors and scientists were accused of crimes like torture, medical malpractice, murder, inhuman treatments, and more. Dr. Mengele was never accused of or tried for any crimes for the things that he did from the Holocaust. Many doctors were sentenced to life in prison or death, while some were acquitted.