• Tom Lantos

    While he's widely known as a former representative from California to the US Congress, those who actually followed what he did during his life know that Tom Lantos was one of the greatest humanitarians ever to serve in the US government. He was also the only Holocaust survivor to serve in the US Congress, a distinction that helped fuel his devotion to human rights.
    Tom Lantos
  • Imre Kertész

    Today there are fewer and fewer survivors of WWII or of the Holocaust. Those who lived through the atrocities of the concentration camps are approaching an advanced age that is beginning to take its toll on them. Imre Kertész is one of the survivors who is more than just alive, but whom is thriving. As a survivor of Auschwitz as well as Buchenwald, two of the most infamous concentration camps of Germany, he witnesses terror and suffering that few today will be able to understand.
    Imre Kertész
  • Viktor Frankl

    An Influential Doctor - Many survivors of the Holocaust spent years rebuilding their lives before focusing themselves on the greater good. While some went into film or art, others became doctors or humanitarians. Viktor Frankl was one of the most influential psychiatrists and neurologists that ever lived, and founded logotherapy as well as making strides in other areas of study.
    Viktor Frankl
  • Who are Holocaust Deniers and Why Do They Refute the Facts?

    Although they have been around practically since the end of the war, Holocaust deniers are gaining much more notoriety in light of recent events, protests, and information. Thanks to the internet, it is becoming increasingly easy for anyone to express their opinion and try to mislead people regarding the facts of what actually happened during the Holocaust.
    Who are Holocaust Deniers and Why Do They Refute the Facts?
  • Stopping Holocaust Denial is Critical to History

    Holocaust denial has become a popular subject in recent years. There are a lot of different issues that people have when it comes to the denial and distortion of the facts of the Holocaust, but the bottom line is that this is wrong and something needs to be done about it. In some countries in Europe, Holocaust denial or hate speech is actually against the law.
    Stopping Holocaust Denial is Critical to History