• How Did the Holocaust End?

    The Holocaust is a black mark on 20th century history that many people want to forget. However, it is important to remember this event and what it stood for so that it doesn't get repeated in the future.
    How Did the Holocaust End?
  • Who were the Nazis?

    The Nazis were the force behind the start of World War II and responsible for the Holocaust, according to history. These people got their start in the early 1900s as they took fascist and anti-Semitic principles and ideals and developed a belief that there was a need for a Master Race, which included Aryan superiority and an ethnic cleansing of anyone who did not measure up to their ideology.
    Who were the Nazis?
  • Nazi Hunters

    Nazi hunters have existed since the end of World War II. Western Allies and the Soviet Union were looking for scientists and other Nazi operatives to help with their efforts in the Cold War. Therefore, they needed people who could help find the former Nazis that were still alive and in hiding or denying being whom they say they are.
    Nazi Hunters
  • Books on Hitler

    There have been thousands of books written on Adolf Hitler and his rule over Nazi Germany, including the Holocaust, Nazi Leaders, Hitler himself, and other subjects. Many are works of non-fiction, describing the events from a historical or other perspective.
    Books on Hitler
  • Nazi Movies To Watch

    There are many Nazi movies that have been made since the end of World War II. Starting as early as 1946, the U.S. and other countries were making films that included the Holocaust, World War II, and the Nazis in their plot in some way.
    Nazi Movies To Watch