• Holocaust Denial – Understanding Holocaust Deniers

    Holocaust denial is the act of claiming that the Holocaust didn't really happen, or did not happen the way it is reported in popular history. Holocaust deniers often refer to themselves as revisionists, but true historians refuse to see them this way. These deniers do not use accepted methods of investigation and research to come to their conclusions.
    Holocaust Denial – Understanding Holocaust Deniers
  • Holocaust Survivor

    To be a survivor of the Holocaust is a big deal, to say the least. With the genocide of over 6 million Jews and more than 11 million in total, this is one of the biggest cases of genocide in 20th century history, and perhaps in the entire history of the world. There are people, however, that managed to make it out of the Holocaust alive.
    Holocaust Survivor
  • Holocaust Children

    During the Holocaust, children were extra vulnerable as victims. The Nazis were on a mission to eradicate dangerous or 'unwanted' groups based on a variety of ideological views, class statuses, religions, races, and other elements. Because children were essentially of no value to Nazi society, they were regularly killed.
    Holocaust Children
  • Holocaust Center

    There are many museums and centers that have been established to help people learn about and better understand the Holocaust. Perhaps the most notable is the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., but countries throughout Europe and the world also have their own centers and establishments to help people learn about this tragic event in history and what impact it has had on the world.
    Holocaust Center
  • Nazis Today

    Today's Nazi followers and supporters are known as Neo-Nazis, mostly. The Neo-Nazi movement was started as an attempt to revive Nazism, using many elements from the original Nazi doctrine and belief system, including racism, nationalism, anti-Semitism, and other ideals.
    Nazis Today