Holocaust Denial – Understanding Holocaust Deniers

Holocaust denial is the act of claiming that the Holocaust didn't really happen, or did not happen the way it is reported in popular history. Holocaust deniers often refer to themselves as revisionists, but true historians refuse to see them this way. These deniers do not use accepted methods of investigation and research to come to their conclusions. Rather, their suggestions are based on poor research with a distinct lack of evidence. There are many different claims made by Holocaust deniers, but all imply that the Holocaust was invented or exaggerated by the Jewish people as a means of getting sympathy.
Holocaust denial is itself an act of anti-Semitism because it strives to undermine the claims of the Jewish people. If deniers were to be believed, the Jews would be cast in a horrible light of greed and dishonesty. It's important to understand that the Holocaust is one of the best-documented events in all of history. Reputable scholars all agree that this event did indeed take place. If you look at the evidence clearly and do thorough and honest research, it becomes impossible to believe the claims of Holocaust deniers who would have us believe that the deaths of nearly 11 million people including 6 to 7 million Jews were a fabrication.
There are several common threads that tend to run within the claims of Holocaust deniers. Addressing these claims one at a time makes it easier to discredit the theories of deniers. Many common disputes occur over the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. This camp was used to kill over a million Jews as part of the Final Solution that was implemented by the Nazis. Deniers offer many different arguments about this camp. Some claim that the gas chambers were only bomb shelters and were not used for gassing at all. Others contend that the crematoriums did not have the capacity to burn that number of bodies.
Evidence shows that the Auschwitz-Birkenau gas chambers were indeed used to gas up to 6,000 people each day. Examination of the remains of the chambers, supply lists from the camps, and eyewitness accounts all confirm that purpose and use of the chambers. The same holds true for the crematoriums. As well, it is known that the Nazis would use open air pits when the crematoriums were full. All the various claims of Holocaust deniers can be systematically dispelled with solid research. It's important to seek only the truth about the Holocaust so that we can properly honor the memories of all those who perished in this act of genocide.