Neo – What is Neo-Nazism

Neo-Nazis are those who still believe in many of the Nazi ideologies that dominated Europe in World War II. These groups have anti-Semitic and white supremacist beliefs. They often idolize Adolf Hitler and seek to follow many of the same practices as the Nazi party of Hitler's Germany. The swastika and other Nazi symbols are commonly used by Neo-Nazis. Unstable economic, social, and political conditions are a contributing factor in the rise of Neo-Nazism. Just as Hitler was able to leverage post-WWI depression to his advantage, so too do these recruiters use a poor climate to make their proposed plans seem appealing.
Neo-Nazism has been a problem in countries around the globe. Germany, France, Russia, England, the US, Canada, and other areas have all seen surges of Neo-Nazism from time to time. After a rash of disturbing incidents in Italy, the Mancino Law was passed. This legislation allows for the prosecution of those who display symbols of hate, including swastikas. Nazi symbols are banned in Germany, but the NDP still has a presence here. The stockpiling of both legal and illegal weapons by Neo-Nazis has become a problem in areas such as North Rhine-Westphalia. Keeping this party under control is a concern that affects many countries.
In the United States, the National Socialist Movement has approximately 400 members across 32 states. Though Nazi sentiments and activities are restricted in other countries, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides free speech even to those with anti-Semitic and racist views. Neo-Nazis in America attack not only Jews, but African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, and Arab Americans as well. These white supremacists pose a threat to nearly any race that isn't in line with their limited ideals. Most Neo-Nazis in America operate underground. Their literature is most easily found on the internet where they can escape some of the persecution they would face in public.
The website for the American Nazi Party states that these Neo-Nazis desire the unification of all Aryans in North America. They believe that only those with Aryan blood should be allowed citizenship in this country. Other goals include the establishment of an educational system that emphasizes physical and moral development, the return of the family farm, strengthening of the family unit, the formation of a debt-free economy, and energy self-sufficiency. These groups seek policies that have only the white Aryan race in mind. Just as these beliefs were dangerous and destructive during the Holocaust, so too can they cause destruction and unnecessary hatred today.