Holocaust Movie – Top Choices for a Movie About the Holocaust

Truly comprehending the horrors of the Holocaust is nearly impossible. The more time passes between the end of World War II and today, the more difficult it becomes to even find individuals who have lived through this period of history, much less actually experienced it. Films and books are valuable to individuals who want to understand the Holocaust because they can help bring this event to life. While many Holocaust movies are fictionalized accounts of individuals who lived through this time, the core facts are based in truth and can bring understanding to those who may otherwise find the Holocaust completely incomprehensible.
One of the more recent Holocaust movies to hit the screen is "Conspiracy." Released in 2001, this film tells the story of the Wannsee Conference. This event took place in January 1942 and was a turning point in the Holocaust. During this conference, 15 top Nazis met to discuss what would be known as the Final Solution. This code name referred to the ultimate goal of exterminating Nazis in Europe. This enlightening film stars Kenneth Branagh. Though the content is disturbing, it covers a key point in the Holocaust and makes it vividly real for viewers who may only have a broad understanding of what took place.
One of the most famous movies about the Holocaust is "Schindler's List." This 1993 film stars Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler. Schindler is a real historical figure who has been credited with saving the lives of more than a thousand Jews during the Holocaust. He ran an ammunitions factory and was able to employ many forced laborers. Though he was respected by many high ranking Nazis, Schindler secretly had the well-being and safety of his workers in mind. He would insist that even the most unskilled laborers were essential to his factory to protect them from the concentration camps and likely death.
If you're interested in a closer look at Jewish life during the Holocaust, "Sophie's Choice" is a touching film. Though fictionalized, this movie brings many of the realities of the Holocaust to life. In it, Meryl Steep plays Sophie, a mother who must choose one of her children to live and the other to die. This 1982 film is heartrending, but not inaccurate in its portrayal of the way Jews were treated in concentration camps during the Holocaust. If you prefer films over books and want a new look at the Holocaust, these movies are a touching choice that are sure to make you think.