• Did Hitler have Children

    For many years, the record books stated that Adolf Hitler did not have any biological children. He only married his longtime girlfriend the day before he committed suicide, after all, and was likely too involved in his political efforts to bother with being a father. However...
    Did Hitler have Children
  • Edda Goering

    Edda Goering is the daughter of Hermann Goering, one of the leading Nazi politicians of World War II. When Goering married his wife in 1935, she became the first lady of Germany since Hitler was unmarried, and Adolf Hitler is believed to have been Edda's godfather.
    Edda Goering
  • Neo Nazi Germany

    Neo-Nazi beliefs began showing their existence after World War II by those who wanted to revive Nazism because they believed in its ideals and principles. The ideology of Nazism and its need to be returned to the spotlight is the focus of this school of belief.
    Neo Nazi Germany
  • Holocaust Museum

    The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. This museum was dedicated in 1993 and has had more than 30 million visitors to date. This memorial was established to remember, to educate, and to confront the hatred and genocide that occurred at the hands of Hitler and his followers
    Holocaust Museum
  • Holocaust Survivors

    The Holocaust was a very dark time in world history. This is believed to have started around 1935 and possibly earlier, as a result of the Nuremberg Race Laws. The war was waged by Adolf Hitler against the Jewish people, in an attempt to create a 'clean race',
    Holocaust Survivors