Did Hitler have Children

For many years, the record books stated that Adolf Hitler did not have any biological children. He only married his longtime girlfriend the day before he committed suicide, after all, and was likely too involved in his political efforts to bother with being a father. However, recent information has surfaced that alleges that Hitler may have had a 'secret son', born to a French teenager who encountered Hitler while he was on leave in the military. According to the memoir written by Jean-Marie Loret, Hitler's claimed son, they began an affair during this time and his birth was the result of that affair.
Loret's mother, Charlotte Lobjoie, says she had an affair with the man in 1917, when she was only 16 years old to Hitler's 28 years of age. She didn't tell her son about his father's identity until right before she died. According to military documents, cash deliveries were made to Lobjoie during the time when Germany occupied France. They also found paintings with Hitler's signature in her attic and there was a painting Hitler had done that looks just like the woman claiming to have his son. Lobjoie died in the 1950s, and after Loret learned the possibility of who his father was, he set out for the truth.
Loret hired historians, geneticists, and others to help verify the claim that his mother had made. He did have the same blood type as Hitler, as well as similar handwriting. Pictures proved that they also looked eerily similar in many ways. The official record still states that Hitler had no children. Loret died in 1985, in a time when potential DNA testing or other means weren't even an option. If Hitler was the father of this man, however, he does have a lineage through Loret's own children.
Loret's attorney has pointed out that his surviving children might be eligible to get royalties from Mein Kampf, if they can be proven to be descendants of Hitler. Of course, no one is in a hurry to admit their relation to Adolf Hitler, a known Nazi and one of the most evil people in 20th century history, as most people see him. Loret wrote a memoir in 1981 called Your Father's Name was Hitler, which is where he discusses finding out, the affair he was told about, and what his mother said about his father before she died. Facts are still being validated and as of yet, no official record of this relationship has been made.