Edda Goering

Edda Goering is the daughter of Hermann Goering, one of the leading Nazi politicians of World War II. When Goering married his wife in 1935, she became the first lady of Germany since Hitler was unmarried, and Adolf Hitler is believed to have been Edda's godfather. Edda was born in 1938, growing up in Berlin. She was eight years old when her father took his life. After the Nuremburg Trials, Emmy and Edda were put into an Allied prison camp for four years. Upon release, they lived in Munich and didn't make much notoriety of themselves. Emmy Goering died in 1973.
Edda has been quoted as saying that 'the government was terrible' and being very anti-American. She likely blamed America for her father's death and she was thoroughly convinced that her father had nothing to do with the persecution of the Jews. Because her memories of her father are so loving, it's hard for Goering to see anything else. She expects everyone to have that same type of viewpoint, except for perhaps the Americans, according to her words in "Hitler's Children". Edda was far too young to actually know what was going on during the time of Nazi Germany, but she was raised as a Nazi after the war.
Edda Goering continued to be pro-Nazi for many years, attending memorials for war criminals and partaking in other political events. Emmy had been with Goering for four years before their marriage, so she had access to the inner circle and introduced her daughter to these people after the war to ensure that she followed the things that her mother and father believed in. Up until the 1990s, Edda lived in Munich. She moved to South Africa at some point, but today her whereabouts are unknown.
The thing that a lot of people don't realize is that the Nazis do, and did, have children. There are children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other family members out there whose ancestors were part of Hitler's army of leaders focused on the extermination of Jews from Germany. A lot of them weren't around at the time of the war, and those that were, typically were too young to remember anything. Many of the children never married, while some did. In "Hitler's Children", the documentary, Goering's great-niece has actually confessed to being sterilized so that she couldn't carry on the 'blood of a monster'. Edda has not been a public figure for many years, preferring to live her life in silence and privacy.