Neo Nazi Germany

Neo-Nazi beliefs began showing their existence after World War II by those who wanted to revive Nazism because they believed in its ideals and principles. The ideology of Nazism and its need to be returned to the spotlight is the focus of this school of belief. Germany isn't the only country that was (and is) afflicted by this presence. This is a global issue with many followers of Hitler and Nazism believing that something needs to be done to bring back the Nazi political movement to the world today.
Neo-Nazi Germans are not in a good position. After the Second World War and Holocaust, this is one of many European countries that developed serious laws that banned the use of hate speech, display of Nazi symbols like the swastika, and other Nazi ideology and beliefs. These people are mostly underground now, but spent a few years staging revolts and planning political movements in the public eye.
Neo-Nazis prefer to work underground so as to be able to build their following and create an effective plan for political movement without being noticed or bothered by the authorities. Their anti-Semitic views and ideals come directly from Nazism itself, including nationalism, racism, Holocaust denial, xenophobia, homophobia, racial cleansing and the supremacy of the Aryan male race. There are many countries throughout Europe and the world where these ideals are practiced and followed by many people. Neo-Nazism is also related to the white power skinhead and nationalist movements in many places.
Countries like Austria, Germany, Russia, France, Sweden, Belgium, Estonia, Israel, and the United States have a much larger issue with Neo-Nazism than others. There are more followers present in these countries and they have created international networks, groups, and global followings to help demonstrate their beliefs and fight for the re-development of Nazism as a political agenda.
To date, there have been many coups and events staged by Neo-Nazi groups, although most are small and underhanded events that were disorganized at best. The United States seems to have the biggest known presence of Neo-Nazis, although that is likely only because these followers don't have to hide out due to free speech laws of the Constitution. Although their beliefs are founded in hate, the U.S. laws have given way for Neo-Nazis to speak their minds freely, as well. So far, this movement has not created any significant events in history or returned Nazism to the political stage. It has remained a more underground movement among those who follow the ideology.