Who are Holocaust Deniers and Why Do They Refute the Facts?

Although they have been around practically since the end of the war, Holocaust deniers are gaining much more notoriety in light of recent events, protests, and information. Thanks to the internet, it is becoming increasingly easy for anyone to express their opinion and try to mislead people regarding the facts of what actually happened during the Holocaust. The problem here is that this is a serious event in the world's history. More than 11 million people died and millions more were victims at the hands of the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. That can't be denied or distorted.
Of course, that doesn't stop people from trying. Many Anti-Semitists and conspiracy theorists claim that the Holocaust never happened, or they attempt to distort the facts and refute the reality of what happened. Some have actually worked very hard to convince others that this event never actually existed, but the reality is that you can't deny it no matter how hard you try. In countries like the U.S. where they have free speech, there are no laws that stop hate speech and prevent people from making comments and speeches against the Holocaust and the terrible problems that it caused.
When 2/3 of a population is eradicated from a continent, there's something noteworthy about it. There is too much reality and truth to even fathom that such an event could be denied, for most people. However, those who do try to deny the Holocaust or dispute the facts usually are firm in their beliefs. There are a few who don't believe that it didn't happen, but still choose to try to convince others that it never happened or that it happened differently than history states. It all depends on the individual, and there are people on all sides of the issue.
In most of the countries throughout Europe, there are strict laws against hate speech and Holocaust denial, which keeps people from making public outcries there. However, Anti-Semitists and others do still exist and are often underground rather than public about their feelings regarding the legitimacy of the Holocaust and the historical facts. There are a lot of suggested reasons as to why people take this stance and try to challenge the event, but with so many different people involved, it's hard to say exactly why people choose to deny such a serious tragedy and change the facts. It does need to be stopped, though.