Stopping Holocaust Denial is Critical to History

Holocaust denial has become a popular subject in recent years. There are a lot of different issues that people have when it comes to the denial and distortion of the facts of the Holocaust, but the bottom line is that this is wrong and something needs to be done about it. In some countries in Europe, Holocaust denial or hate speech is actually against the law. This isn't the case everywhere, however, and there are even some instances where it happens underground on a small scale so that no one is held accountable or punished for it.
The problem with some Holocaust denial or distortion of the facts is that it might seem legitimate. Especially with the help of the internet, some people are very convincing about their own beliefs regarding the Holocaust and how it happened. They will claim that the history is different than what is taught to most people, or that the Jews were involved in some sort of conspiracy that resulted in their own persecution or that they fabricated the entire event. There are plenty of ways that people go about trying to deny the Holocaust or distort the facts of what happened, but it all needs to be stopped.
The facts have been recorded in history and reputable sources will tell you what really happened during those 12 years in Germany and Europe while Hitler was in power. Reliable sources of information are the only place that you should go to learn about the Holocaust. If you use unreliable sources or believe information that has no supporting facts, you are minimizing the event and the serious impact it had on Jews, as well as the rest of the world.
The Nazi Party started with simple hate speech and discrimination toward the Jews of Germany. They created propaganda that showed Jews as the problem, stripped them of their businesses and homes, and forced them to live in ghettos and give up their basic rights as citizens. In the end, more than 6 million Jews and over 11 million people total were murdered as a result of the Holocaust. Stopping denial is important to preserving the memory of these people and keeping history from repeating itself. The Holocaust is just one example of how a single person can affect an entire culture, and in this day and age we need to be moving forward in acceptance, not backward to oppression and discrimination.