• People in the Holocaust

    There were millions of people affected by the Holocaust. Those that were actually in the Holocaust directly include the Jews and other inferiors that were persecuted or imprisoned under German rule as well as the Nazis and their supporters that did all of the discriminating, and eventually murdering, of more than 11 million people in total.
    People in the Holocaust
  • Holocaust Gas Chambers

    The Nazis started their use of poison gas in 1939, as a tool for killing mentally and physically disabled patients in hospitals. They called this euthanasia, because they felt that these people were deemed to be unworthy of living, but it was essentially part of their systemic murder.
    Holocaust Gas Chambers
  • The Holocaust for the Children

    The Holocaust was a particularly harrowing experience for children. These young people often lost their lives simply because of what they were, and most times for no other reason at all.
    The Holocaust for the Children
  • Germany - Holocaust

    In Germany, the Holocaust will never be forgotten. Of course, it will hardly be forgotten anywhere in the world simply because of the sheer terror and murder that it was responsible for creating. The Holocaust is the name of the systematic murder of more than 6 million Jews that took place between 1933 and 1945.
    Germany - Holocaust
  • Holocaust People

    The Holocaust affected millions of people in Germany, Europe, and throughout the world. Both sides of this huge event were greatly affected by the things that happened during the Holocaust. The Nazi party's rise to power, led by Adolf Hitler, took over Germany for the course of 12 years, which will be remembered as some of the most tragic years in the 20th century.
    Holocaust People