Germany - Holocaust

In Germany, the Holocaust will never be forgotten. Of course, it will hardly be forgotten anywhere in the world simply because of the sheer terror and murder that it was responsible for creating. The Holocaust is the name of the systematic murder of more than 6 million Jews that took place between 1933 and 1945. While there were many other groups affected by the Holocaust and up to 11 million or more people killed in total, the Jews were the only group that was singled out for "Special Treatment", which basically meant total and complete annihilation and eradication from society.
The goal, which in German translated to Sonderbehandlung, meant that Jewish women, men, and children were to be killed methodically, eventually with poisonous gas as it was seen to be the most effective and quickest means of extermination. The cause of death for the Jews who were killed at death camps like Auschwitz was crudely recorded as "SB", which are the first two letters of the German word for their 'Special Treatment'.
Although the Holocaust started with simple discrimination and removal of Jews from regular society, it quickly developed into a regimented plan for killing every Jew that the Nazis could find so that they could eliminate the 'problem' with Germany. After World War I, the country was weak and it was blamed on the Jews, thanks to the large number residing there and the anti-Semitic and nationalist views of groups like the Nazi party. Therefore, the only way to restore Germany's power, in the eyes of men like Adolf Hitler, was to get rid of the Jews entirely.
By the turn of the 1940s, camps had been created to increase the efficiency with which they could remove Jews from society and kill them systematically. These camps were often used for forced labor, torture and medical experimentation, and other events before the Jews were put to death. Some camps, like Auschwitz, were nothing more than a 'final destination' where thousands of people were unloaded, herded into gas chambers, and killed as soon as they arrived.
The Holocaust is one of the most horrific events in modern history, and it is remembered through education, memorials, and a focus on providing people with insight as to why and how it happened to prevent such things in the future. Today, you can find information on the Holocaust from all perspectives and regarding all of those involved, giving you the chance to learn as much as you want about this tragic event.