• Holocaust Quotes

    There were a lot of famous words spoken during and after World War II that were related to the Holocaust, by Nazis, Jews, survivors, and others. The words that come from those with firsthand experience can offer insight, albeit sometimes chilling, to help us better understand this event. Here are some of the best Holocaust quotes, attributed to their original sources accordingly:
    Holocaust Quotes
  • Hitler and the Holocaust

    There are a lot of resources out there that can offer insight on Hitler and the Holocaust, with different viewpoints and facts on the event that took place. This event began in 1933 when Hitler was named chancellor of Germany.
    Hitler and the Holocaust
  • The Rise of Hitler

    Adolf Hitler is known for his role as dictator and leader of Nazi Germany and the Nazi Party, which is a far cry from the aspiring artist he was in his teen years in Austria. Born in 1889, Hitler's rise to power began after the First World War, in which he served as a German soldier. He was a decorated war veteran, but he was also very displeased with Germany's surrender that ended the war.
    The Rise of Hitler
  • Holocaust Genocide

    The Holocaust took place from 1939 to 1945 and involved the genocide of more than 6 million Jews, and more than 11 million people in total. This systematic mass murder occurred after the rise of Adolf Hitler and under his reign of a totalitarian state of government.
    Holocaust Genocide
  • Jews in the Holocaust

    Although there were more than 11 million people killed in total during the Holocaust, the original target and most widely affected population was the Jewish population.
    Jews in the Holocaust