People in the Holocaust

There were millions of people affected by the Holocaust. Those that were actually in the Holocaust directly include the Jews and other inferiors that were persecuted or imprisoned under German rule as well as the Nazis and their supporters that did all of the discriminating, and eventually murdering, of more than 11 million people in total. There are basically two sides to this event: the Jews and other inferiors and the Nazis. Other countries didn't get involved until it was much too late and while their support won the war and stopped the killing, many also let the Nazis get away with their totalitarian takeovers in the beginning.
The focus of people in the Holocaust usually rests on the Jews, as well as the Romani, Soviets, disabled, homosexual, and otherwise inferior people that were persecuted and eventually murdered just for being what they were. In the Nazi ideology, there was a cry for a master race, and for Aryan supremacy. Hitler used propaganda to turn this ideology into the concept that Jews were ruining Germany for the Germans, which helped him win the office and the general public so that he could carry on with his plans.
The Nazis are another point of focus regarding the Holocaust. From 1933 when Hitler took office until 1945 when the Allies finally invaded Germany, these men, thousands of men, were responsible for law and order, including the detaining of millions and the killings of almost as many. Concentration camps were built by Hitler's top men, who helped create the Four Year Plan and win support for the Final Solution. In order to gain support, Hitler and his men had posed the "Jewish question" to the Germans, which involved explaining why they were the problem and how they were going to get rid of the problem so that Germany could thrive.
There were so many people in the Holocaust for the 12 years that it lasted, from noted leaders and political persons to families, children, and those who had no idea what they were about to experience. Fortunately, there is plenty of information out there on all of the various aspects of the Holocaust, including the people involved on a variety of fronts and levels. With more than 11 million people dead and only a small number of survivors who are able to tell the tale, history has been fortunate to get so much information about this event and how it transpired.