• Albert Goering

    Although his brother Hermann is far more notable in terms of men of the Holocaust, Albert Goering definitely has a place in history. Hermann Goering was Hitler's right hand man, as it were, for many years, but his brother couldn't have been more different.
    Albert Goering
  • Children in World War II

    Children were some of the most vulnerable victims during World War II. They served no real purpose to the Germans, and when they were of 'inferior' descent, they only proved to create the future potential for more inferiors. As Germany was attempting to rid itself of the Jews and other inferiors, they also wanted to ensure the future elimination of the people that were not a part of their Master Race. Children, to the Nazis, were useless eaters unless they could work or be used for medical expe
    Children in World War II
  • World War II Movies

    World War II movies are definitely not in short supply. So many films have been made since the end of the war, starting with documentaries and dramas as early as the mid-1940s, to help educate people on what had just happened in the world.
    World War II Movies
  • World War II People

    There were so many people involved in World War II. This was an event that was launched after Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, but it had been in the works for years as Hitler took over European countries and started eliminating the Jews and other inferiors in an attempt to build his "Master Race" that was spoken of in Nazi ideology.
    World War II People