World War II People

There were so many people involved in World War II. This was an event that was launched after Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, but it had been in the works for years as Hitler took over European countries and started eliminating the Jews and other inferiors in an attempt to build his "Master Race" that was spoken of in Nazi ideology. Hitler used propaganda to extort the Nazi ideology of Aryan supremacy and made people in Germany and other countries believe that the Jews really were the problem. He even went so far as to create "The Final Solution", which was formally known as the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question".
Because he had built such a following before he was appointed as chancellor, it was easy for Hitler to take over once the president died in 1934 and become dictator. He quickly turned the country into a totalitarian state where he had supreme rule and his leading Nazi party members became his right hand men in the Nazi regime. In no time, he got down to business discriminating against the Jews and other inferiors, starting with boycotting Jewish businesses and stripping their rights as citizens. By the time World War 2 actually started, thousands of Jews had already been killed as a result of Hitler's 'laws'.
Concentration camps were around before the war, but they became increasingly popular as Germany looked for an organized solution to handle all of the inferiors as they continued to take over countries throughout Europe. These camps were home to torture, squalor, medical experimentation, forced labor, and gas chambers and cremation furnaces where people were killed and incinerated. Some of the most famous Nazi leaders earned their fame by being in charge of these camps and ordering the deaths of millions of Jews and others that were being held prisoner.
The Nazis saw the end of World War II coming, and they tried to bury Auschwitz, the largest concentration camp that they had. Their goal was to make it 'disappear' so that no one knew what happened. That didn't work, however, and the Soviets liberated the camp at the end of the war, along with the few remaining survivors that were there. From the Nazis to the Jews and everyone in between, there were a lot of people involved in World War II. There were also wars going on in Japan and the South Pacific, but most people think of this war and remember the Holocaust.