• World War 2 Videos – Striking WWII Documentaries

    Though many pieces of footage from WWII have survived, many are short and have poor quality. The best way to examine these pieces of evidence is in the form of a well-made documentary that can add expert information and detailed descriptions to the clips to make the information much easier to digest. If you're interested in World War 2 videos that will give you an in-depth look at this period in history, there are many documentaries available that will meet your needs.
    World War 2 Videos – Striking WWII Documentaries
  • Hitler's Children – Growing Up with Nazis

    When most people think of the children of the Holocaust, they picture the brave survivors who were in the Jewish ghettos or concentration camps during the Holocaust. However, there is another group of children that survived the Holocaust, and their legacy is no easier to bear. These children certainly enjoyed a very different kind of lifestyle during the years of Hitler's reign. They were protected, and even pampered.
    Hitler's Children – Growing Up with Nazis
  • The Nazi Genocide

    The Nazi Genocide, which is often how some people refer to the Holocaust, was one of the most horrible historical events in modern times. In fact, it is known as the black mark on 20th century history, a time when the world was dark and the outlook was bleak for millions of Jews and others who did not meet the criteria for Hitler's "Master Race".
    The Nazi Genocide
  • Holocaust Education

    There are many places that you can go to learn about the Holocaust. Educational resources are available for students, educators, college and university scholars, and even the general public. The goal is to provide everyone with the resources that they need to learn about this historic event so that they can understand it better and learn how it impacted history so greatly during the 20th century.
    Holocaust Education
  • Jewish Ghettos

    During World War II, as Adolf Hitler began his discrimination against the Jews and other inferiors, they were sent to live in various city districts known as 'ghettos'. These areas were often enclosed or restricted, and when leaving was allowed, curfews were enforced. People lived in squalor and often died of exposure, disease, or starvation.
    Jewish Ghettos