World War 2 Videos – Striking WWII Documentaries

Though many pieces of footage from WWII have survived, many are short and have poor quality. The best way to examine these pieces of evidence is in the form of a well-made documentary that can add expert information and detailed descriptions to the clips to make the information much easier to digest. If you're interested in World War 2 videos that will give you an in-depth look at this period in history, there are many documentaries available that will meet your needs. Consider some of these well-known options for a solid education on World War II.
  • "World War 2: The Lost Color Archives" – If you have trouble connecting with hours of grainy black and white footage, this is the best collection for you. This documentary includes color footage of Nazi-occupied Europe and the Pacific.
  • "World at War: The Complete Set" – Viewers who have the time to invest in a complete experience will enjoy this extensive set. There are 32 hours of footage and interviews narrated by Sir Jeremy Isaccs.
  • "Triumph of the Will" – This entire piece is from World War II. "Triumph of the Will" is a piece of Nazi propaganda that was filmed in 1934. This is a must-see for anyone serious about learning about the Holocaust and WWII because it offers insight into the power and mindset of the Nazi regime.
  • "Why We Fight World War II – The Complete Series" – This is an extensive collection of pieces that were released to the public in WWII to explain participation in the war. These 1943 films offer insight into wartime that's a clear window back in time.
  • "The Battle of San Pietro" – This is an excellent historical piece with a great deal of real footage. The film was originally taken for the purposes of making a documentary about the war for soldiers. The footage ended up being too graphic for its intended purpose. Today, it survives as a detailed look back at what the war was really like.
These films and documentaries offer a compelling look at World War II. If you're looking for World War 2 videos that will give you an accurate look back in time at what this period was truly like, any one of these five options will be a worthwhile choice. New documentaries and films are released often. Stay up to date with the latest pieces so you never miss out on new and compelling footage from this monumental war.