• Hitler Death Camps: The Final Solution

    Hitler and the Nazis who surrounded him were dedicated to the racist ideology that claimed that Germans had been the forebears of all the great civilizations throughout history. In opposition to the Germans were the “racially inferior” Jewish people. German propaganda portrayed Jews as people without a home, whose “internationalist” lifestyle led them to degrade and destroy the nations they came into contact with.
    Hitler Death Camps: The Final Solution
  • Nazi Movies

    While thankfully the Nazi party is no more in reality, they live on in cinema. From major motion pictures that focus on the horrors of the holocaust to spectacles of WWII bravery, from inside looks at Hitler's inner circle to documentary films that focus on the lingering effects of the Holocaust on those who lived through it, Nazi movies are more popular than ever.
    Nazi Movies
  • Nazi Gas Chambers – A Horrible Tool

    During the Holocaust, the Nazis used a variety of terrible tools to try to achieve their "Final Solution". Among them were various ways to make killing large groups of prisoners more efficient. The favorite, and probably the most effective, were gas chambers. Somewhat similar to the chambers used for a period of time to execute condemned prisoners in the US, Nazi gas chambers were utilized on a large scale in the various death camps and were designed to hold large groups of prisoners.
    Nazi Gas Chambers – A Horrible Tool
  • Get to Know the Victims of the Holocaust

    As most people know, the European Jewish community was the primary target of the Nazi Party during the Holocaust. However, there were also millions of other victims involved in this massive tragedy, from all walks of life. The Nazi ideal of a ‘master race’ did not leave room for many of the people in the world, which resulted in their persecution and eventual death in most cases.
    Get to Know the Victims of the Holocaust
  • What Was the Holocaust – The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

    The Holocaust is inextricably intertwined with the rule of Hitler and the Nazi party. In the aftermath of World War II, it was difficult to imagine how the German people could elect such a man to a position of leadership and follow his command through to the atrocities that were eventually performed in Germany. It's important to realize, however, that Hitler's rule started much more innocently. Though he always had undertones of anti-Semitism in his ideologies, this was not unusual at the time.
    What Was the Holocaust – The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich