Nazi Movies

While thankfully the Nazi party is no more in reality, they live on in cinema. From major motion pictures that focus on the horrors of the holocaust to spectacles of WWII bravery, from inside looks at Hitler's inner circle to documentary films that focus on the lingering effects of the Holocaust on those who lived through it, Nazi movies are more popular than ever.
While they've made plenty of appearances in fantastical films like Indian Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, they also regularly appear in movies that are much more grounded in reality. Here are some of the most popular and well-respected Nazi movies out there today.
•         •          Schindler's List – This is the one Nazi film that is certain to appear on any list. Steven Spielberg's film about Oskar Schindler is famous for its brutal look at the horrors of the Holocaust and the methods that one man takes to save as many as he possibly can.
•         •          Downfall – Controversial when first released, this German-language film gives viewers an inside look at Hitler's final days in his bunker, culminating in his suicide. Bruno Ganz portrays Hitler in a critically acclaimed performance. The film is highly regarded as one of the best films on Hitler ever made.
•         •          Hitler's Children – This is a different kind of Nazi film in that it focuses on the struggles of the children of Nazi officers as they try to come to terms with their parents' actions and evils.
•         •          The Boy In The Striped Pajamas – This 2008 film is based on the novel that shares its name. It details the horrors of a WWII death camp, only it does so through the eyes of two boys – the camp's Nazi commandant's child and a Jewish child within the camp. It's heartbreaking, frightening, and powerful.
•         •          The Pianist – This film is a biopic about Wladyslaw Szpliman and was directed by Holocaust survivor Roman Polanski. It details Szpilman's escape from deportation as he hides in the Warsaw Ghetto.
•         •          Valkyrie – This story details the true story of German army officers who plotted unsuccessfully to assassinate Hitler and take back control of Germany.
Each of these films is either based on true events or very closely grounded in reality. There are plenty of other great Nazi movies available dating back almost to the end of the war. Some are more entertaining than others, and some are more informative, but you'll be able to find plenty to choose from.