• How Did People Escape The Holocaust?

    Escaping the Holocaust was an extremely difficult thing for anyone to do once it had already started. However, for most of the Jewish people of Europe, it was difficult to realize precisely how horrible things would become in the near future. Since that was the case, relatively few people fled the Holocaust before it was too late.
    How Did People Escape The Holocaust?
  • About Adolph Hitler

    There are many myths concerning Adolph Hitler that Holocaust deniers use in order to support the misguided idea that he was somehow “good” for Germany. The truth about Adolph Hitler is that many of the ideas some people have about him were created by his own Propaganda Ministry in the hopes of supporting his regime.
    About Adolph Hitler
  • When Did The Holocaust Start?

    During the period of time that the Nazi party had control of Germany and throughout World War II, between five and six million men, women, and children were systematically murdered in mass executions and death camps. From firing squads to gas chambers, the Nazis set about exterminating all that they deemed unfit in the hopes of creating a 'master race' of pure Aryans. The event was known as the Holocaust, and pinpointing the exact moment that it started isn't quite possible.
    When Did The Holocaust Start?
  • Simon Wiesenthal

    The survivors of the Holocaust spent years trying to rebuild their lives and pick up the shattered pieces of what they had left. While many went on to become writers, filmmakers, or humanitarians, others focused on other efforts. Simon Wiesenthal survived life in five different concentration camps including Janowska and Plaszow before the war ended.
    Simon Wiesenthal
  • Making Sense of Holocaust Deniers

    As we’re all taught in history classes, the Holocaust is one of the largest cases of genocide that has occurred in the world, and a black mark on the 20th century. The Holocaust started shortly before World War II and went on until 1945 when the Allied Powers invaded and Adolf Hitler was removed from power. Of course, there have also been people throughout the years who have denied this event.
    Making Sense of Holocaust Deniers